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by JAMES POCOCK (Author)

Across the Barbed Wire is a story about an East German family living in Berlin in the early 1960's. Their desire for freedom for themselves and their two young children brought them to a village in the beautiful countryside along the border between Hessen and Thueringe, Germany. In Hessen there was laughter, modern apartment houses, plenty of food in the markets, and shops filled with goods of all kinds for any one to purchase. In Thueringen, on the other side of the border, was fear, hunger, decaying grey buildings, the remains of bombed out buildings, buildings with bullet holes from the war still in them. There were shortages for the basic needs of the people such as clothing, building materials, automobiles, TV's and Radio's.

But the Border between these two German States was much more then just a State Border. It was an International Border that was called the Iron Curtain and all of its ramifications were about to fall onto this young family struggling for freedom.

This book is a must read for all freedom loving people, military people who have served to keep this nation free, soldiers who served in Europe during the Cold War and most of all those who served with the US Cavalry Regiments that patrolled the Iron Curtain.

Here is how to order your signed copy or a copy of this Across the Barbed Wire.




Thanks for the plug about my book, Across the Barbed Wire.  However, I don't get any royalties from Amazon, so if someone wants a copy I hope they will either go to www.AuthorHouse.com or contact me at ja.gl.pocock@comcast.net and I'll send an autographed copy for $20 plus postage.

Jim Pocock


Below is a photograph of the 1st Platoon C Co. 14th Armored Cavalry Regiment circa 1959

Lt. James Pocock was our Platoon Leader and our Regimental Le Clerc Rifle Team Leader.

Lt. Pocock was well qualified to write this book due to his experiences serving as a Border Officer in a Line Company on the Iron Curtain 

Reviews of "Across the barbed wire" by James Pocock

Dear Gen. Pocock,
I have just concluded reading your novel recommended by Jim Decker, and although I was initially disappointed with the story passing through Fulda so quickly, I was engrossed with the stories of the characters you developed.  I read a lot of novels, but I will confess your Epilogue came as a surprise. Although, I figured out that Dieter (I removed a few words from this review so it would not reveal any information) when he did, it became a beautifully touching two tissue ending.
Thank you for having the talent to write it, and the perseverance to dig out all the historical facts to make it believable.  Thank you too for reminding me of the small role I was able to play along the border. It could have been on one of my patrols that Gisela, Walter, Anna and Dieter attempted their escape even though the Berlin Wall hadn't appeared yet. I am very grateful for your helping me remember the 14th Armored Cav.  Garry Owen!!
As a side note, I live in Virginia, less than hour from Arlington National Cemetery. A few years ago, my sister's husband passed suddenly and she made the arrangements for his ashes to be placed in the relatively new columbarium at Arlington (Chuck had been a Marine for 3 years in the mid 50s).  I was so moved by his abbreviated ceremony, that it became my intension to have my ashes placed in that wall also. My two years in Fulda gave me the right to be there, and your book has now reaffirmed the importance and value of my role during the Cold War. Thank you again.
All the best to you,
(Sp-5, HQ Plat, C Troop, 14th AC, 1-1959 to 12-1960)
David N. Ulrich

Dear MG Pocock

Thank you for writing this book. I am very proud to have a signed copy of it. It was well worth the small amount that it cost. I can't explain how I felt as I began to read about Walter and Gisela Hurwitz. Your description of the life that the Hurwitz had to live in the DDR and what chance they had for change was right on target. You brought to life the courage that they had to summons in crossing the Iron Curtain in the middle of the night. The hair on the back of my neck stood up as they struggled to reach the plowed 10 meter strip and the fence. Your depiction of the actions of the C Troop Border Patrolmen that were on duty that night made me want to get in there and help them. It makes me feel proud that you used our old Troop in your story.  

I felt very close to this story having served with you in the 1st Platoon of C Troop. I have also been in the automobile export business for over 20 years with most of my customers in Germany. Many of my customers are in the old east zone. It gives me a good feeling to know that we did something way back when so that they could have the freedoms that the Hurwitz family was willing to sacrifice  their lives for. I have made many trips back to Germany and have travel several times in east Germany. We made a difference and your book brings it to life. 

Jim Decker  C Troop 1-14 ACR 1958-60

Following is an email from Oliver Dunham to General James Pocock

Hello Jim,
I am Oliver Dunham.  We met in San Antonio.  You may remember me.  I did the photo slide presentation. 
I was a 14th ACR trooper from July 1957- through December 1958.  Initially, I  was in Hq & Hq Co thru May '58, then I transferred to Co. B.
Would you please send me a autographed copy of your book, Across the Barbed Wire for $20.00 plus shipping?  Would a check be acceptable? 
Marlene and I plan on being at the reunion in Elizabethtown, May 13-17, if you want to hold up on shipping, I can get the book from you then.
As a side note: my son, Oliver Jr., is a Marine who was in Stuttgart, Germany for three years.  Marlene and I went for visits in May 2008 and May/June 2009.  Each trip we made visits to Fulda, and in 2009, we also took in OP Alpha and Berlin wherein we got to revisit a lot of those experiences I had from 50 years earlier.  The return visits were especially powerful to me, because I have a much better understanding of why we were there in the 1950's and the history of events since then.
I am looking forward to reading your book.
Suivez Moi, Oliver


Jim. I have had a copy of James Pocock book Across The Barbed Wire for a long time.  I knew him well. We had a great bunch of young Officer,s during my 4 years in the 14th A/C I happen to be a history major. I have in my home about 350 books on History. Some of it came from my dad collections, as he was and old horse soldier, I was born in Fort Brown, in Brownville Texas.
Keep up the good work.
Take Care
Tony Baker
CSM Retired


I purchase my copy of James Pocock's book when I met him at Fort Lewis, Ky.  That must have been back in 04.  I had him autograph it and when I returned home, read the book and could not put it down.  It was almost real to me.  It brought back to light many of the things that I remembered for my tour in Fulda.  I really loved the ending.  In 05 when I attended the reunion in Fulda I purchased another copy for a German friend of mine living near Berlin.  She and her husband both read it and enjoy it.  In conversation with General Pocock I encourage him to write another book but I am not sure if he is.  Since 05 I have not attended  another 14th Cav reunion concentrating more on the reunions of the 501st.  Take care, always enjoy looking at  you web page.  

 Richard Garcia  501st Armored Medical Company

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