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On Veterans day November 11, 2009 Shirley Goodman and I had dinner at Applebee's Restaurant in Paso Robles, CA. We arrived about 6PM and found guest waiting outside of the restaurant and the lobby was full of people waiting for tables. We were greeted by three lovely ladies one being of the managers named Naomi.

There were many active duty, and National Guard  personal from out three military bases in the local area, Camp Hunter Leggett, Camp Roberts, and Camp San Luis Obispo. Many of the people at Applebee's that evening were from all over California and in this area for training exercises. Everyone seemed to be having a good time with the waiters and waitresses joining in on the fun. Some were seen trying to make friends with the lovely waitresses. It was good to know that servicemen are still caring on some of our old customs. Some were there with their families and some were there with their comrades. We had a good time talking with the guest and meet new friends from our local area.

Thanks to Applebee's for making it a excellent evening for our countries finest.

The food and drinks were tops. The pork ribs were tasty and tender.

There were several other Restaurants offering special meals for veterans and it is only proper that we should include their names here.

ON THE BORDER Dallas, Texas where Oliver, Marlene and 12 others in their family had dinner.   McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurants.  Golden Corral,  Krispy Kreme for free donuts,  Wing Zone Austin, Texas  Benihana restaurants Austin and San Antonio, Texas,  and I am sure that there are many more than the ones that I listed. Next year I don't think that there will be enough room to list them all. Who knows may be Chill's will see the light.

There are many people in these photographs whose names are unknown to us. If you recognize any one here please send us their names what photo that they are in and how we can verify the information. email it to Jim Decker at   catsauto@earthlink.net  Thank you in advance for your help.

Jim Decker

From L to R the ladies are Megan, Noemi Perez a manager and Irene They were greeting the guest with their big smiles and making everyone feel welcome.

John and J Beth third and fourth from left. Jennie joined the USO when she was 16 years old and served for several years.

View of waiting area. There were lots of happy and hungry people and the wait was not long and the service was great.

The managers from L to R are Noemi Perez and Travis Jones were the ones that were making it all happen. Good Job Guys!

From Left to Right are Jim Decker, Shirley Goodman, Noemi Perez and Travis Jones.

Every where you looked there were smiles and people having fun.

Some happy party people. They must be soldiers.

A beautiful young soldier from Southern California. One of America's finest!

John and J Beth. J Beth joined the USO when she was 16 years old and served for several years. She is a beautiful lady that surely was the heart throb of many a young soldiers.

Jim with Ron Howe of Fairfield, California. Ron was a submariner in the Navy and was staying over in Paso Robles this evening to visit customer. How is that, that Applebee's thought of doing this for our former and active duty service people. This was the first time that I meet Ron and we found out that we mutual friends over in Fresno.

Michael Wells and his fine lady. Michael was saying that he was on General Omar Bradley's staff in Frankfurt, Germany. I asked him if he had been in the I. G. Farben Building (V-Corps Headquarters when I was there) and he said that he had been and had rode on the elevator that you just stepped on and when you got to your floor you just stepped off. I always wonder what would happen if you missed the last floor.

Jim Decker and Shirley Goodman at the bar before having a good bite to eat.

Command Sergeant Major (Ret.) Robert A. Jocob was there with two of his friends and they seem to having a good time.

 Our waitress and her fellow worker seem like they were enjoining the evening as much as we were.

A happy bartender is good to find. Look at those glasses of Hefe Weizen Bier. Ah! To be at the Oktoberfest. again.

Jim Decker who took these photos served with C Company 1st Battalion/Squadron 14th Armored Cavalry Regiment in Fulda, Germany known as the Fulda Gap.

He also served with the 3rd Medium Tank Battalion, 35th Armor in Mannheim, Germany and with the 9th Cavalry in Augsburg, Germany.

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